let me brag a little {running}

it is friday morning, the remnants of a tropical storm are blustering their way through charlottesville, and i just finished a 2.5 mile run in the pouring rain. it was not my fastest pace, but it felt like one of my top 5 runs. here’s why.

i was kind to myself on this run. that’s the first big thing that affected my run. when i say “kind”, i mean i let myself walk when i wanted to walk, i slowed down to get around puddles, and i ignored my pace. granted, my phone was in a sandwich bag which was tucked into my pants (is that a phone in your pants?), making it both difficult and awkward to constantly check my pace. i need to be kind to myself on runs more often. it felt nice.

i was also the only person out running. in charlottesville, that’s unusual. but this morning, in the cool rain, it was just me and the rain on a good run. it was as if i were the only survivor of a disease that wiped out everyone who enjoys running for sport (SPORT. there are three people who will know why that word, alone, makes me giggle). there is something delicious about being out on a run and feeling like the only one bad-ass enough to get it done.

to paraphrase my running coach (from well before she was that, when she was just someone interesting on twitter), this run made me want to make out with the whole freaking world. the endorphins! i have them!

happy friday, y’all. another post is actually scheduled for later, this just needed to be posted. here’s a super sexy photo of me after my run.

surprisingly non-blotchy!

surprisingly non-blotchy!