travel day {have some photos}

i’m on the road most of today, heading up to northern virginia for orientation. i’m mildly peeved that my brilliant plan to knock out fingerprints and my ID badge was thwarted because i don’t have a negative TB test within the past year. within the past 13 months? yes. not within the past year. stupid. ANYHOO. since i’ll be on the road (whee), here are some random photos i took and liked recently.

ALSO a story about my car: i got the oil changed and apparently the filter between outside air and inside air (i interpret that as “filter for AC”) was FULL of leaves. i still am not sure how that is possible.

some love for my parents’ golden, who was shaved for the summer and is SO pathetic

impromptu wine-tasting with my roommate! i’m going to miss this place.

quality time on the porch with my favorite doofy hound

beauty by the road after a run

surround yourself with beautiful people. solid advice, random graffiti artist.

reflections after about 3 straight days of rain

view from the waiting room

looking up at a (finally) blue sky

local democratic primary! plus grungy nails. ew.

nails. wine. new dress. happy.