link happy {week of june 10}

it was international donut day, apparently, and this chart tells you what your donut of choice says about you.

this comic is pretty cutting, and i sort of want a kid version of it for my classroom.

what. this is art i want for my apartment. it’s amazing. HARRY POTTER. ALPHABET. HAPPY.

one of my favorite things – ice cream from ben & jerry’s – is combining with my almost-hometown (DC. also, two weeks till i move!).

so, this is a great argument for two things. not having ridiculous engagement rings, and telling your husband where you put the ridiculous engagement ring so he doesn’t SELL IT AT A YARD SALE.

maps! i love them! here is a beautiful map of all the rivers in the united states.

this is super important if, like me, you drink a lot of wine all the time.

let’s end with dogs riding in cars. such bliss.