summer bucket list {BUCKETS}

one of my favorite podcasts from joy the baker and shutterbean was their summer bucket list one from last year. inspired by this, here is my own summer bucket list – things to before the end of august, when life will explode in all sorts of exciting, jobby ways.

1. wear coral. on my nails. on my lips. it’s a good color.

2. find a rocking chair for my classroom! seriously. this is a goal.

3. find a hair person in DC. ummm this is crucial, and nerve-wracking.

4. along those same lines, get my hair trimmed in preparation for donating it in december.

5. journal every day! all these big things keep happening and i don’t want to lose track. in that line of thought, i got the happiness project five-year journal – one line for each day of the year, over five years. i love it.

6. go to a festival. of some sort. preferably involving food.

7. day trips! go on them! to baltimore! to beaches! to vineyards in the northern virginia area!

8. get artwork. frame it. lord. i have some lovely prints begging for frames.

9. indulge in a pedicure. my feet deserve love.

10. dine on a rooftop.

11. iced coffee. all the time.

12. find three good running routes in DC

13. make popsicles!! what! this is a thing i can learn how to do.

14. eat oysters on the waterfront

15. learn how to open a bottle of bubbly. it’s worrisome that i cannot do this.

16. go to farmers’ markets! all of them.

what’s on y’all’s bucket lists for the summer? i know this has some kind of get-life-together things, but that’s okay. what else should i aim for this summer?