checking out for a few days

hey favorites,

all of you are SO pretty. really. those new pants look fabulous. your hair looks great. you should give yourself a hug, because i love you all. seriously. i’ve had a lot of Big Traffic Days on the blog and that makes me super happy.

what makes me super unhappy is getting my life together to move from one city to another. like. no one told me how much crap i’d have to remember to do. so i have my to-do list (which is mostly “CAR” and “ACK A LOT OF ADDRESS CHANGES”), and i’ve packed up my cookbooks (there are…a lot of them), and i’ve put random things up for sale on craigslist, and now? now i need to put down the blog and step away slowly. just for a little.

i’ll be back. no worries. i just need to focus on getting everything organized and checking things off my to-do list and my bucket list (mostly “places to eat before i move”). and so. i’ll be over on twitter having panic attacks for all to see as i play the “wait, where is that random item i need/lost/didn’t know i wanted to bring with me?” moving game, as well as u-haul tetris. if something exceptionally awesome or terribly embarrassing happens, i’ll post about it.

and in about a week and a bit, i’ll be back here, writing about moving to DC, and maybe putting together an extensive list of Things You Need to Know In Order to Move Here.