link happy

first, i’ve been searching for a good new reader for all the blogs i follow. i’ve settled on bloglovin, because it shows actual posts in the reader app – so i’m seeing the post exactly as it appears on the blog it is from, and when i click “newer”, bloglovin just takes me to my next post. no need to click twice to see the post with photos – it’s right there. this is the link to this blog on bloglovin.

now! things i found interesting on the internet.

supermoon! what a silly name for a pretty event. gotta say, though – having taught in a classroom, the full moon is strongly correlated with Extra Squirrely Behavior from adults and children alike.

mm, popsicles. this is critical for my summer bucket list.

i have watched this a few times and am convinced keys are wizards

sugar is everywhere. i cannot watch the whole video without feeling freaked out.

wine nerds! unite! interesting explanation of “body” as it applies to wines.

finally, this seems like a “well, obviously” move by the DSM folks

p.s. i’ve rearranged some bloggy things – new categories and getting rid of some, and added a way for y’all to look at posts by category.