country mouse goes to the city

(me. I’m the country mouse.)
Friday, my friends and parents helped pack my life into a u-haul

(thankful for dad, who drove the truck up 95 and followed mom and me in my tiny honda, which looks like every other car, so that was not easy)

we fit an impressive amount of stuff into my car, and somehow I used barely any gas (accelerating was not easy with a large number of books in the trunk)

we made good time to DC, and two friends met us there to move it all into the apartment (this took about an hour, we found a good spot for the truck almost in front of the apartment, and it all fit through the door)

to the surprise of no one, our kitchen has doubles of everything…and t-rex salt and pepper shakers.
I’ve hung a few things and we are still organizing, but as we do, I’ll post more about the fine art of moving to a new city (slash, decorating, because we are grown-ups now). for now, I’m tired and have a bruise on my shin from the corner of some piece of furniture, but I’m also ridiculously happy to be here at last. and excited to go on exploratory runs around the new neighborhood!