Monthly Archive: July, 2013

on the end of summer

somehow, tomorrow is August, which is weird. August means my mom’s birthday, my best friend’s wedding, and the start of school things for me. we’ve been having this super-pretty weather, reminiscent of early… Continue reading

bachelorette, season 9: finale part one

it is always promising (for the viewer) when the finale of any show has two parts. disclaimer: i follow some very funny people on twitter and they spoiled this episode for me and… Continue reading

in a rush, here are some photos

okay, i’m speed-eating yogurt and inhaling my coffee on my way out the door to do some more hiring-related things for my job, but here are some photos from the past week that… Continue reading

link happy {week of july 21}

is it sad that i have to check the calendar every time i write this post up? because i can never remember the date? three of the great things on the internet have… Continue reading

speedwork and a new half {running}

we are in the midst of some kind of bewitching weather event – yesterday and today, the skies have been clear, the air light and not humid, and the temperatures hovered around 70… Continue reading

birchbox – july

my treat to myself upon moving to DC was to sign up for Birchbox¬†– a monthly subscription service for people with a beauty product addiction. each month, you get a box of high-quality… Continue reading

virgin viewing: lost, season 1, episode 4

right off the bat, i think i’ll like this episode, because (a) the title is “walkabout” and (b) we start with this shot, of Locke, right after the crash, prone, dazed, and presumably… Continue reading

half-marathon training: a major update

minor complaint: runkeeper CONSTANTLY shaves a few seconds off my times or a few hundredths of a mile off my distance when i import from garmin. if there is a brilliant fix to… Continue reading

link happy {week of july 15}

this seems to sum up a lot of feelings about the weather two words: croissant loaf. nicolas cage plus disney equals amazing alyssa’s homage to clueless, which is 18, and so i am… Continue reading

summer tv choices

at the request of a friend, who is, i think, amused by the amount of nonsense i watch online, here is my summer viewing list (mostly through Hulu) – The Bridge: oh my… Continue reading