summer days {hey there july}

in almost exactly two months, i’ll be standing in a classroom of my own, teaching third graders.

this is, in a word, awesome. and in more words, it’s honestly what i have dreamed about for a while now.

HOWEVER. today? is the first day of july. and having spent most of june packing up and preparing to move and then moving, i finally feel like my summer has begun. i have annoying paperwork things to deal with this week (hey, DC DMV, be gentle), and it does appear to plan on raining for the entire week, but still! summer!

when i was a kid, summer meant the haybale olympics (romping through fields and jumping off haybales) with my neighbors,  devouring books, disney marathons, and family beach trips.

now it’s more about finding ways to stay busy, have fun, and not spend all of the money. oddly, a lot of my summer plans revolve around exercise. i’m training for the half-marathon in september, so my runs are getting longer. now that i’m in a new place, a lot of my runs are kind of zig-zagging all over as i get thoroughly lost around the neighborhood. i’m also planning on joining a local yoga studio in the fall (once i have grown-up income), but until then, i’m loving this website, which is like netflix for yoga sessions – and a lot of good free classes on there as well!

i did some google work and found a few beaches not too far from the city – sandy point state park is a short drive from DC, and sounds like a good day trip getaway. baltimore is a great day trip option (i want to go eat oysters there, please).

there are also loads of festivals in the district. i’m tempted by the NoMa Summer Screen – free movies throughout the summer, aired outside. or museums have great things to explore (also? air conditioning). the national portrait gallery’s civil war exhibit is ongoing, and pretty interesting.

only, here’s the thing: i suspect there are a lot more free-or-almost-free things to do in DC. so, what would you do? ways to beat the heat, find great food, explore a city i sort of know but want to make my own…i’m looking for suggestions!