half-marathon check-in {week 13}

yeah, i’ve been TERRIBLE about talking about my half-marathon here. in real life, i talk about it a lot, but here? apparently not. so, a quick update!

i’m in week 13 of training, which is insane. last weekend i ran 5k (it was supposed to be a race but i was moving to DC and adding in a race the morning after i moved seemed slightly bonkers). i just did an explore-the-neighborhood run, got mildly lost, and was overall pleased.

this morning, after a late night of fireworks (though i didn’t drink very much – two beers and a small amount of very fancy vodka, because our landlords are awesome), i woke up feeling a little under the weather. i am either coming down with a summer cold, or my alcohol tolerance has left the building (i think it is just a cold, so i’ll pop some zicam and drink all of the water). it took some convincing to get my butt on the road for a run, but i did it. it was not necessarily pretty, and i’m still working on finding a good pace, but i did it. (sense a theme? sometimes, just sticking to the plan, even when the results aren’t ideal, is enough).

friday week 13

you can see that i paused in two places – once to cross a street, another time my legs were all “i can’t doooooo this” and i paused for a few seconds, let myself whine, and then kept on going.

throughout this process, i’m starting to define my goals for the half-marathon in september. my main goal? to finish. to do it. to cross the finish line. 13.1 is a lot of miles. i have a lot more miles to add to my long runs each week. but every week, i’m getting better, feeling more confident in my runs, and feeling stronger overall. after the half, i may start to focus on my pace, because it would be fun to be faster. but an 11 minute mile is about my goal pace, for now. and while i highly doubt i’ll run the whole 13.1, i want to feel that i can run the majority of it, and know myself well enough to find a good pace and stick to it.

a half-marathon is something that, a year ago, i saw friends doing, and thought “suckers, that looks terrible” – and now it’s the one thing i refuse to let myself quit. it’s a priority for me, because it’s a big goal, it’s a goal just for me, and because i really cannot wait to brag about finishing one.

really getting into running is not easy, and there are days when it genuinely sucks. and um, blood blisters are the most disgusting thing i’ve ever had to deal with. also, chafing. super sexy. there are runs where i want to cry after because it wasn’t perfect. but here’s the thing about running (and me) that i’m learning: it is not perfect. and i have to banish my inner perfectionist from this training, because that lady is not helping. each run i go on, i’m able to run straight through for a bit longer than the run before, and i know that half the reason i want to walk is that i run too fast in the beginning. my sunday long run is 4 miles, and i am going to MAKE myself start out slower so that i stand a better chance of running more of those four miles. and then i’m treating myself to brunch and a happy dance.