link happy {week of july 1}

hey there, july. how did we get to july? that’s weird, right? right.

anyhow. i’ve been in nesting mode at the new apartment and honestly forgot to flag a lot of things on the internet that made me happy. here are a few that i did manage to note. (note: after writing this, i realized that i have plenty of links. I UN-EXCUSE MYSELF)

this post (and her other posts on nantucket) really makes me want to go there. not actually sure how to get there, but it looks divine.

i would like to put this in my face, please.

a possible way to make perfect bacon, which is the most noble quest of all.

uh, i also want to put these in my face.

two-ingredient cocktails! SO. EASY.

hello, nick miller, i love your scruffy, crooked face.

finally, how many days/beans do you have left? how will you spend them? and why is the heart pile SO tiny? ze frank makes me think in the below video.