virgin viewing: lost, season 1, episode 3

this episode is called Tabula Rasa, so i assume someone has a slate that is getting cleaned. or something like that. i’m watching this while soaking my feet in hot water because y’all, my feet hurt.

the air marshal is trying to tell Dr. Jack that Kate is the criminal who was handcuffed on the plane – but he apparently chooses to pass out every time Jack asks who he’s talking about. this is super inconvenient, as moments of unconsciousness go.

seriously, no one is this pretty

seriously, no one is this pretty

Jack finds her mugshots in the marshal’s jacket pocket  – which, not good, but also, she takes a great mugshot. i’m pretty sure i would look miserable. my DC driver’s license photo looks a lot like my hypothetical mugshot would. angry, possible sweating, probably about to cry.

the crew who hiked to the top of Death Mountain and heard the Frenchwoman’s voice on the radio have decided to camp out in lieu of walking through the jungle at night. surely, nothing will go wrong. they discuss by firelight how far off course the plane was, and whether or not to tell the others what they heard on the transmission. Sayid argues that they shouldn’t tell anyone, because it would cause panic.

back at the beach doctor’s office, Nurse Hurley is distinctly concerned that the patient will die, and Dr. Jack is all “well, he might? i dunno, antibiotics!”, and then Hurley discovers Kate’s mugshots. when Hurley quite naturally asks what she did, Jack responds that it’s none of his business. well, sure, but you are stuck on a desert island with a criminal of unknown criminal nature. i’d be curious – are we talking shoplifting or stabbing?

at the camp on Death Mountain, Boone is caught taking the gun from Sawyer and bullets from Sayid in order to stand guard. there is a grumpy argument about who should have the gun – and stand guard – and somehow, the decision is made that Kate gets to hold the gun. um. okay. then, it’s flashback time, y’all!

Kate – now going by Annie – is in Australia, sleeping in a sheep pen, which is pretty much a recipe for Kate Has a Terrible Sheep Disease. we leave as Kate-Annie agrees to work on the farm that she was trespassing on.

back on the beach, Sayid tells everyone that they couldn’t get any transmission out (a lie, sort of – they omit what they heard), and begins to organize people for rationing food and gathering water and getting electronics together to revamp the transceiver.

"nope, i have totally different bad news"

“nope, i have totally different bad news”

Kate tells Jack she has to tell him something, and instead of confessing her sordid past, she tells him about the other transmission they picked up. Jack asks if there’s anything else she wants t o tell him, and she changes the topic to how the marshal is faring – and if he’s said anything. Jack lies to her on this, so they’ve set a great foundation for trust here. whee. Hurley tries to get Jack to talk about this situation, and then says that maybe the marshal will be able to help once he gets better – and apparently, that is not looking so hot. YAY. that’s great. i love Hurley’s face of concern when he’s told that they need to get luggage from overhead compartments on the plane – i’d be on his team here, not wanting to go on the plane full of bodies that have been sitting in the sun in a tin can for a few days.

poor, wonderful man

poor, wonderful man

Jack and Sawyer end up on the plane – with different plans. Jack is searching for medicine, and Sawyer for treats – Playboy and food and cigarettes. it seems like Sawyer is really enjoying himself, and i’m curious to see his story – why is he so in his element on the island? we see others gathering things from the luggage (Claire and Charlie cleverly use a wheelchair to lug bags), and Sun and Jin, who are looking for their bags in the wreckage. or rather, Sun is, while Jin hangs out somewhere and makes snarky remarks about her being filthy. DUDE. ISLAND. NO SHOWERS. then:



well. okay. i’m baffled by their relationship.

Kate, meanwhile, is trying to “find Jack” aka “see if the marshal is dead yet”, and poor, poor Hurley. i love him, i think. he is SO freaked out by her, and when he sees the gun – he books it for the ocean, basically. then we’re back to Australia, and Kate-Annie is in the pantry of the farmhouse, removing a panel to find her money stashed in a tin can – and we see that’s she on her way out. the old farmer sees her trying to go, and talks to her about it – she doesn’t really respond, and i get the feeling that she is on the run. he gets her to stay one more night, and promises to take her to the train station come morning – so i think it’s safe to say he’s going to call the police.

AND THEN WE’RE BACK. where the marshal wakes up and tries to strangle her. i am 90% sure she could fend him off, as he’s battling an infection and a hole in the ribs. Jack comes back in time to push them apart. apparently, this dude is legit dying, and Kate asks if he’ll suffer, or if Jack can put him out of his misery. Jack’s response, in the pouring rain, is “I saw your mugshot, Kate. I am not a murderer”. ohhhhkay. jump to conclusions much?

"annie" and the farmer

“annie” and the farmer

in Australia, the farmer is driving Kate-Annie, presumably to the train station. he offers to pull over for food, which is when Kate-Annie sees a big SUV following their truck – and she realizes he’s turned her in. he tells her he saw her picture at the post office (um, so maybe she did stab someone?), and the reward is a lot of money. aw, sad.

Walt and Michael are in their shelter, talking, and i do love that the writers make Walt appropriately “eh” about parental interaction – his dad wants to know what’s going on in his life, and like a lot of kids, he’s all “i dunno, stuff”. Walt tells him that the secret Locke told him about was that a miracle happened today – okay, sure. Michael’s response is “um, stop hanging out with him, please”. then, they argue over the dog – and as Michael promises to get the dog back as soon as the rain stops, the rain…like a jerk, stops. ha. i also love Michael talking to himself “walking through the haunted damn jungle” – it’s completely how i would react when nature called my bluff. there is a noise, and then it becomes Chasing You noise, and Michael books it, and stumbles across Most Hilariously Uncomfortable Moment Ever:



on the beach, the marshal is not going to die without screaming a lot. everyone looks wigged out – Charlie goes to talk to Locke, who doesn’t seem to pay him much attention (he’s making a whistle, presumably for Walt to find the dog with), Shannon says she wishes the man would just die, and Sayid offers to help. Sawyer comes across Kate, who is building a fire, and talks “casually” about how glad he is he doesn’t have the gun, because everyone listening to the marshal scream “knows what’s gotta be done” – and that she is the only person who can do what needs doing. the marshal stops screaming long enough to warn Jack not to trust Kate, because she’ll do anything to get away – and he wants to talk to her alone (naturally, never saying what crime she freaking committed)

back in Australia, Kate and our farmer friend are driving along, with the marshal (in the SUV) driving along next to the truck, when another vehicle starts honking, as they are on the road coming towards them. the SUV pulls back, then back up next to the truck (on the driver’s side) and Kate takes the opportunity to try to run the SUV off the road. SHE IS NOT DRIVING. i hate this scene.

SUV, truck, and unsuspecting car driving off behind them

SUV, truck, and unsuspecting car driving off behind them

to no one’s surprise, the truck flips over and down an embankment, and, as in all car crashes, catches fire. Kate jumps out, leaving the injured farmer (i hate this) – oh wait no, she doesn’t leave him, she pulls him out, and starts dragging him through the grass, away from the truck (his fake arm pops off in this moment), and as they get to the road on the other side, the marshal pulls a gun on Kate – apparently, he’s good at his job.

in the tent, the marshal asks Kate what favor she’d been about to ask him for when the plane began to crash. she says she wanted him to be sure that the farmer got his reward. the marshal and Kate definitely have a strange relationship, because he asks her if he’s going to die (she confirms) and if she’s going to do it – theirs seems to be a much more intimate relationship than i would expect. Hurley mentions the gun to Jack, who clearly thinks she is going to kill the marshal – and walks up as she walks out of the tent, which is when the gun goes off – and for a moment, i think the marshal killed himself, but then Sawyer walks out????

and then. the worst thing. Sawyer apparently didn’t kill him properly, as he shot him in the chest, and now the guy is just hanging out and suffocating. HATE. Jack boots him from the tent, and a few moments (and horrible sound effects) later, walks out, silence in the tent behind him.

the next morning, early, Locke sits on the beach and patiently blows the dog whistle he made. i really like Locke right now.

he's the coolest

he’s the coolest

he tells Michael where the dog is, so that the father can return the dog to his son, and no, that’s just allergies, i’m not tearing up.

Jack and Kate sit on the beach, and i like what Jack says here, when Kate wants to tell him what she did: ” I don’t want to know. It doesn’t matter, Kate, who we were, what we did before this, before the crash. It doesn’t really…three days ago, we all died. We should all be able to start over.”

we’re then treated to a good beachy tune while everyone moves about, sort of building a life here, and man, this show is like crack.