summer tv choices

at the request of a friend, who is, i think, amused by the amount of nonsense i watch online, here is my summer viewing list (mostly through Hulu)

– The Bridge: oh my god, this show. so dark, and creepy, and intelligent. Diane Kruger plays Sonya Cross, a detective in El Paso, investigating what seems to be a series of connected murders on either side of The Bridge of the Americas. her Mexican colleague, Detective Marco Ruiz, is portrayed by Demian Bichir, who is smoldering, frankly, and i’m ashamed that none of my friends informed me of his existence. this is solidly in the “smart tv” column for the summer – also, mom, Lyle Lovett plays a slimy lawyer, so you might love this show.

– Orange is the New Black: on Netflix. a Netflix original. damn, Netflix. you did good. this show is a fantastic portrayal of a woman’s 15 months in federal prison, and we’ve taken to watching one or two episodes a night. i love the depth each character has (every episode revolves around a day or two in the life of Piper Chapman (the central character), with really well-done flashbacks to the lives of other women in prison alongside her. i cannot recommend this show enough.

– Camp: okay, this is not one of my smart shows for the summer. this show is on NBC (I think), and is based at a family summer camp, and the plot is basically: attractive people at summer camp, you predict the storyline! one of the main characters (Kip) has a health problem that he keeps secret, the camp owner (Mackenzie, or Mac) is going through a doozie of a divorce, her son (Buzz) is desperate to lose his virginity…nothing in this show goes too deep, but it’s a fun and fluffy show with pretty people.

– The Bachelorette: you should know that by now.

– So You Think You Can Dance: this is the 10th season of SYTYCD, and i watch it because i am constantly impressed by excellent dancers. the reality show just announced their top 20, so next week should begin the competition in full – each week (i think), dancers get a partner, learn choreography (not necessarily in the dance form they’re expert in), and compete for votes from viewers. 

– Longmire: this is actually on Netflix, so not a show i’m watching in slightly-delayed-real-time. kind of a modern Western, Sheriff Longmire is a sheriff (obviously) in Wyoming, where he’s trying to rebuild his life after the death of his wife a year before. it’s a basic enough formula – start each episode with a crime, follow along as they figure it out. but, there are some interesting threads woven in – the volatile marriage of one of his deputies, his daughter’s dating life, the fact that another deputy is running for sheriff against Longmire in the upcoming election, and the relationship between their department and the nearby reservation. also, one episode stars a bear.

that’s pretty much my rotation. i’m transcribing from home, which is not the most thrilling activity, so i usually work for two hours, pause to watch one of the above, then work for two more. what are y’all watching this muggy and miserably hot summer?