link happy {week of july 21}

is it sad that i have to check the calendar every time i write this post up? because i can never remember the date?

three of the great things on the internet have to do with Orange is the New Black, a show that you must watch now, because i said so:

Laverne Cox is one of the most incredible actresses on the show, and i loved this interview with her about the representation of trans women’s experiences on TV

the TV version of Piper’s husband may be a douche, but reading this Modern Love column written by the actual Larry made me smile. he seems like a good person.

in general, if Alyssa says you should read or watch something, you should.

now, for the non-OITNB links:

if you’re on instagram, and you like food photography, the kitchn has a list of people to follow.

banana, nutella, and salted pistachio popsicles? WHY ARE THESE NOT HERE RIGHT NOW?

mexican iced coffee sounds SO delicious.

the pajiba ten are ten people who are also…delicious. in a different, grown-up way. when you get to #1 (there are two pages of prettiness), you’ll understand why i’m writing this openly weeping into my iced coffee. LOVE.

finally, fluffy cuteness!