on the end of summer

somehow, tomorrow is August, which is weird.

August means my mom’s birthday, my best friend’s wedding, and the start of school things for me.

we’ve been having this super-pretty weather, reminiscent of early fall, and i could make out with it, honestly. it is just so luscious. it’s perfect running weather, meaning i can sleep past 6 am and go for a run later in the morning and not melt or want to vomit. granted, if you’re from this region, you’re probably with me in the nervous department – i have a sneaking suspicion that this weather will leave and we’ll be back in swampy misery soon enough. until then? enjoying it.

i don't even know how to express how happy these guys made me

i don’t even know how to express how happy these guys made me

it is good sit-outside weather, so yesterday we went to a park and brought lunch and books and hung out for a few hours, enjoying the day. there were baby ducks just hanging out in a fountain, and i made high-pitched noises only discernible by dogs.

today i get a taste of the end of the season – heading to a professional development thing at my school. i’m actually looking forward to it in a dorky way – i’m excited to meet people, and i’m really curious to see what my principal values. i suspect i am more dressed up than i need to be, but that’s alright.

i got my teaching license in the mail yesterday, and i accepted my contract on monday, so lots of good things happening this week in the work realm.

the end of summer is bittersweet this year. i’ve enjoyed having one last bit of time to be lazy and nest in our new apartment, so part of me is sad to see summer go. i’m also really ridiculously happy to be teaching in the fall, since, you know, it’s my passion, and i worked my butt off for two years to earn this degree and my license. i’m also looking forward to meeting my students and their families – i’ve heard some great things about the population my school works with, and while there will be challenges, i generally like kids more than some adults, so spending my days getting to know them and helping them find their paths is going to be great.

please remind me of that on the day that a child inevitably drives me up a wall, though.

anyhow! we have some more summer things in store – a weekend visit from a friend, a weekend full of grilling out, at least one more outdoor movie night, and maybe a day spent exploring museums. what summery things do you have lined up to send the season off in style?