link happy {week of july 29}

good morning, y’all! i am a combination of struggle because i was up till 1 am last night and that is so too late for me, and struggle because i bruised the ball of my foot, somehow. and so instead of a long run, i’m going to eat waffles and bacon and possibly put ice on my foot.

anyhoodle. here’s stuff i liked this week.

i mean, i love gin. and i love olives. and i was STARVING when i saw this link, so…done.

via a new blog i found (sho & tell), i found this – george saunders’ convocation speech. i love it.

this xkcd made me chuckle. also, look up “xkcd 1190” and be in awe of creativity.

from the chapter of my life story entitled “I Was Starving When I Found This”, thai watermelon salad SHUT UP AND GET IN MY LIFE

S’MORES. this needs to happen before the fall, okay? okay.

if you want to know what i want to spend my money on, look here.

PUPPIES. i want to snuggle them all.

finally, typography and food = beauty.