miscellaneous thoughts this morning

1. to the person or persons who found my blog by searching “how to prevent my tight running shorts from giving me camel toe”, i have such bad news for you. first, i definitely don’t have any idea why you found me that way. second, tight running shorts + the act of running = unfortunate front wedgie action. third, if that’s what you’re worried about when running, get over it. i wear a running skirt that is fabulous comfortable but definitely scoots up to show the world my rear by the end of a run – and i just don’t care.

2. i am so ready to start teaching.

3. we were woken up by a shriek from upstairs this morning, followed by complete silence. i am REALLY curious as to what happened.

4. i’m trying to organize a bunch of teacher blogs for my personal edification, and thought i would share the ones i’ve found with you! because i know you were worried that you didn’t have enough.

A Frolic Through First

The STEM Inquirer

History is Elementary

Teacher Idea Factory

Lessons From a First-Year Teacher

The Tattooed Teacher

anyhow. i’m going to put a “meet the teacher” powerpoint together for back-to-school night now. so much fun.