happy birthday to the best mom

(that’s my mom, by the way. your mom is probably very nice, but mine is the actual best)

me and mama


here’s a list of some of the things i have learned from her

1. she will answer the phone at odd hours when you are homesick in college, think you are dying, or need to be reassured in any way, shape, or form. you do this for the people you love, no matter what.

2. she has mad photography skills – being creative is cathartic and engaging and important, so find a way to be creative.

3. have an excellent sense of humor (that comes in super-handy when everything is stressful or sad or in desperate need of an inappropriate giggle). and also, understand the value of sarcasm.

4. she has a green thumb like nobody i know. i assume and hope it skips generations, because i certainly didn’t inherit it. but it taught me that communing with nature can reset you.

5. she is ridiculously beautiful, inside and out. i mean. look at that photo. my mom has got it going on. and i think i got her smile.  she taught me this year that beauty is nice, but health is way more important than growing your hair out.

6. she is strong like no one i know – physically and mentally, this strength has taught me more than i can put into words.

7. she cares deeply about people (even the ones who suck sometimes), which is why she’s such a great nurse. this is a very important thing to see growing up.

8. she taught me that people who don’t love animals might be robots. and that i should love animals. and that i should also come up with good names for the animals in my life, so that later, when the inevitable happens, a song by The Kinks will always make me tear up and think of a protective german shepherd anxiously pacing the halls while carrying shoes around.

9. an appreciation of the importance of getting away from it all. whether a trip to the beach or camping, sometimes escaping for a vacation is a thing we all need. if it’s the beach, put the oreos in the freezer. and know how to open a bottle of wine, because that is a critical life skill.

10. final thing on this list: love is grand. whether it’s a 34-year marriage or the love of a golden retriever with rocks for brains, surrounding yourself with love is the smartest thing you can do. so pick your people and your surroundings wisely, because the love you color your world with is often the thing that helps keeps your shit together when life happens.

i love you tons, mom. thank you for being the best. see your beautiful self wednesday!