back to life

i mean, this is basically a way-too-early-in-the-morning blog post (it was 5:40 when i started) – and so i beg forgiveness for anything that makes no sense.

i’ve got to roll out of here in about 20 minutes to get to a middle school in northern VA to meet the shuttle to the high school where my new teacher professional development stuff takes place today, tomorrow, and wednesday. so this is a quick and dirty “HI I’M BACK” post, with a bit of “thanks for reading, y’all are the best” thrown in.

i spent the past four days celebrating the wedding of one of my best friends – we’ve known each other since birth (our parents lived across the street from each other when i was born, our dads knew each other before they met either of our moms, and so on). she is one of my sisters, truthfully, and i was SO freaking happy to be a part of their celebration. i happy-cried a couple of times, we laughed a lot, i ate more food than i thought i could, and spent a couple of nights in a cabin on a lake in the middle of nowhere (which is my idea of excellent).

so! now it’s back to a work schedule, beginning with 5 am wake-up to get ready to learn about being a teacher in this county. next week, it’s back-to-school things at my school, and then? the kids arrive! non-stop insanity from here on out, i think.

you're the greatest, lily. love you. (photo by my mom)

you’re the greatest, lily. love you. (photo by my mom)