running update: um, what was that??

last week, i fell off my training program a bit. life came up – my best friend’s wedding – and i made the decision to put my energy on her and her now-husband and having an absolutely lovely weekend. i ran some, but not what was on my weekly schedule for week 19, and i am totally fine with that. i’m pretty pleased with myself for not being upset: a few months ago, i would have felt guilty and like i was letting someone down – and honestly, there is no one else i am doing this for but me. so as long as i know what decision i am making and why, it does not matter what anyone else thinks.

let’s repeat that: it does not matter what anyone else thinks.

damn straight.


so this week is Week 19: The Redux. Week 19: Son of Week 19. Week 19: Fasterer and Furiouser.

and holy pants, today was amazing. i was up at 5:30 (awful), at new teacher orientation around 7:15, worked until 3:30, picked up some items at Staples (squee! office supplies!), and got home around 5:15. i took a short break, then went for my scheduled 40-minute run. i figured i would get about 4 miles in.

and then i couldn’t find my running shoes. i think they’re in my car? i used my $20 old navy shoes that i reserve for runs in the pouring rain or trails – when shoes might get beat up a bit. they’re light, they have zero support, and i don’t love them.

scratch that. i didn’t love them. now? now i love them.

i mean, not to that extent, but you know. sorta. also, nick miller, please return to my life.

why do i love my cheap shoes? because i flew in them. my pace was 9:40 – fastest ever. i ran the whole 4.14 miles, i had a new PB for the 5k part, and i had a super-satisfying moment of blasting past the bro-iest bros that ever bro’d. sample of their conversation (i think they were trying to impress me, and i hope passers-by enjoyed my eye-rolls): “no, i ran that 10k in like an 8:03 pace”, “oh, that’s slow, dude”, “yeah, dude, i know.” they were clearly racing each other on their run, but i think they tried to race me without my permission, which is not cool, and so i just poured it on and sailed past them and felt such sweet happiness. suck it, brosephs.

so. i think it wasn’t really the shoes, but the week of rest and fun and resetting. and sometimes, i think, i need a week away from thinking about something for the mental walls i have up to come down. i had fewer “i want to stop” moments, i found myself sorting through the debris in my brain, blowing cobwebs off thoughts, and rebooting. it was really freaking beautiful, honestly.

i’m feeling smug. i took a cold shower, drank my weight in water, and have peppermint lotion (it burns in a good way) on my poor feet. and i may look for thin inserts for these cheap shoes, just for a bit of padding, because i want to run more with them.

ANYHOW. life is good at the moment. i’m going to have a beer.