Monthly Archive: September, 2013

teaching hazard number 1: immune system under attack

oh. my. god. two weeks ago, i was mowed down by a wicked head cold. i was sneezy, sniffly, mild fevery, and miserable. i doped myself heavily with dayquil, drank all of the… Continue reading

after a tough day

yesterday was a beast. I don’t really have more to say than that. the day ended and I basically collapsed on a desk and was all WHAT WAS THAT and the universe responded… Continue reading

a love note to my city

yesterday’s violence at navy yard was not near where i live. nor where i work. it had no discernible effect on my day – my drive home was uneventful, i saw no roadblocks… Continue reading

just call me sneezy

y’all. children are precious, wonderful beings. they are the future. i truly believe that. they’re also walking petri dishes, full of germs that my ancient immune system is not freaking used to. which… Continue reading

on fear, among other things

i just read a post about “burning through fear” and holy crap, y’all. i talked back to my computer like it might be able to respond. i said “yes” and nodded vigorously and all… Continue reading

weekend love

it’s monday. i don’t think i’ve ever truly appreciated weekends until now. i slept in. we ate a lot. we saw friends. we trekked around a street fair. this morning i realized how… Continue reading

a quick note to say hello!

that’s what stuck in my head this morning. you’re WELCOME. this music video is…it just is. i wanted to let y’all know that teaching has yet to destroy me, but i am VERY… Continue reading

running/a new year

i know. it’s not january. but this weekend felt like the start of a new year, a new thing, a new start. our january started with a breast cancer diagnosis. forgive me, but… Continue reading