a quick note to say hello!

that’s what stuck in my head this morning. you’re WELCOME. this music video is…it just is.

i wanted to let y’all know that teaching has yet to destroy me, but i am VERY tired and not in a blogging mood right now. or rather, i have so many things to say that i am still deciding what to say here. in list form:

1. i love my job

2. it is exhausting

3. i hate traffic

4. i have a large bug bite on my leg and every second i don’t touch it, i earn Grown-Up Points

5. mmm, coffee

i mean, that’s my brain right now. i have been mulling over this article on self-regulation recently, and will likely write about it later on. short version: be wary of biased writing, and also maybe don’t use anecdotes and selective research to prove that you’re totally right.