weekend love

it’s monday.

i don’t think i’ve ever truly appreciated weekends until now.

i slept in.

we ate a lot.

we saw friends.

we trekked around a street fair. this morning i realized how much of a hill that street fair was on. hello, muscles.

it was glorious, really.

and last night i was actually looking forward to monday. how weird is that? aren’t i supposed to dread mondays?

i think, because i’m doing what i want to do, monday is a thing to look forward to.

sure, this week is busy. meetings, trainings, mini-tests for the kids, and figuring out this whole “planning the week” thing. but i miss my kids! and i love my job. and i think i’ve found, for now, a place where i both love the weekend and love the mondays.

please remind me of this in a few months, when i’m grousing about how waking up before the sun is not romantic, and how i just want to lie in bed forever.