just call me sneezy


children are precious, wonderful beings. they are the future. i truly believe that.

they’re also walking petri dishes, full of germs that my ancient immune system is not freaking used to.

which is why, friday night, i came home, passed out in a fevered haze, and have spent the weekend sneezing and snuffling and feeling generally like i’ve been run over by a very large and germy truck.

in addition to making me go to bed early, this cold is making my running schedule super-impossible. i am supposed to run 9 miles today. i cannot breathe. breathing is sort of important for running. right now, i get winded walking up a slight incline. heeeey, phlegm.

so. i’ll run tomorrow, after work. it’s fine. i’m getting my miles in. my half is in a month. i can do this. i just need to be able to breathe in order to train. and i need to get my miles in. and i’m doing that. i know, i just said that. bear with me, my brain is oxygen-deprived. i’m adjusting to running on a different schedule. i got so used to my training schedule – what days i ran, what days i rested – that changing it is proving to be a mental roadblock. i’m learning to be okay with running on days i don’t normally run. it’s just that my brain feels like i’m secretly ruining my training.

except. i’m not. i’m fine. i’m repeating that a lot until i believe it.

and for now? a breathing runner is a happy runner, so today is devoted to decongestants and tea and laying low so that i can have a good run tomorrow.