a love note to my city

yesterday’s violence at navy yard was not near where i live. nor where i work. it had no discernible effect on my day – my drive home was uneventful, i saw no roadblocks (though i was expecting them), and i don’t believe i knew any of the victims.

but when i found out about what was happening (in the middle of the day, because i wasn’t on my phone to find out until i got an email from my district saying they were “keeping an eye on the situation” with no mention of what situation they meant), i got a ball in the pit of my stomach that stayed all day.

partially, it was the sadness and awfulness of it all.

but it was also because someone did this in my city. and okay, it’s a little weird that it took something violent and terrible for my brain to go all momma bear for dc, but it flipped a switch.

i live here now. my car and my ID and all of my accounts are linked to a place here. a lot of people i love live here. i go for runs here – i’m having all of my PRs in this city. this is my city now.

someone messing with my city makes me really sad and angry. they messed with the place i know, the place i call home, the place where i feel safe (the only time i feel unsafe is when i’m watching CSI:NY and the landlord’s dog starts barking at a squirrel and i have a fleeting moment of panic).

so. i don’t really have anything poignant to say here. just that dc is my home, and it took me almost three months to feel that so strongly, and that my heart goes out to the people who lost someone yesterday. dc is lovely. we have old neighborhoods full of beautiful architecture and bright colors, there are old and stunning churches tucked in between shiny new office buildings, and i find a new thing to love here on a daily basis (most recently, the crooked tree on north capitol that is perfectly silhouetted against the sunrise every morning).

*please note: i still miss my hometown. this is just….a city that i’m getting to make my own, and that’s a different kind of connection*