teaching hazard number 1: immune system under attack




two weeks ago, i was mowed down by a wicked head cold. i was sneezy, sniffly, mild fevery, and miserable. i doped myself heavily with dayquil, drank all of the tea i could stomach, and powered through.

friday i came home with a sore throat. saturday i woke up feeling a little cruddy but not too bad.

yesterday? ha! yesterday my body was like WE HAVE SURRENDERED TO THE INVADERS AND THEY ARE PHLEGMY. i woke up and basically burst into tears because not being able to breathe is a big obstacle for me when it comes to my running. this is what the manfriend said to me: you will be fine.

and he’s right. i mean. this cold is a doozy, and as i type this, my voice is rapidly packing its things and heading for the door. and i probably won’t run today. but a year ago? 6 months, even? i could not run as far or as fast as i can now, even sick. so i won’t run the whole 13.1 miles. i will run as much of the damn thing as i can.

as to this cold. it’s not the last one i will have this year. or in my career, in general. kid germs are just beastly, apparently. i literally do not know how any child survives to adulthood, given that they basically are walking petri dishes for some of the most powerful cold viruses known to man. obviously i should be mourning the immune system i had at 6.

a friend told me that this year will be the worst. next year will be better. and, she says, by year three, i will have the immune system of a goddess.

given that i just sneezed and some brain matter escaped, i hope that is true.

so my plan for this monday is to down some cold meds, boil up some tea, buy stock in Kleenex, and be grateful for my co-teacher. and also contemplate taking tomorrow off to fully recuperate.

i cannot stay home today because i have half the things needed to teach today and tomorrow’s lessons in my teacher bag.

so. teaching! it’s not glamorous. but i love it. and i love my cold medicine.