a big update on running


you want to train to run a half-marathon?

pro-tip: don’t get sick two weekends in a row. I had exactly one week in the past three where i could breathe – and run.

it’s been so, so frustrating to have my training get so turned upside down.

i have cried about it.

a lot.

because my inner perfectionist really wanted to run the half-marathon – and be able to train fully for it – and i thought that i had a good plan – pushing my race date to next weekend so i could get padding to do more long runs, and cooler weather (though – it’s quite literally 90 degrees today, so…whoops), and stand a chance of beasting that half.

instead? the plague. because children, while cute, are petri dishes. and i am the lab in which EVERY GERM EVER has found a new lease on life. mainly in my lungs. and sinuses. mmm, phlegm.

yesterday i realized that, quite simply, i don’t have the time to get up to speed for this half. and i felt panic. my mom suggested that i call the race coordinators to see about switching to the 10k hosted by them the same day – different course, same day, same time, same place.

so i did. and the race director emailed me back (i emailed her, because it was easier) and said “yep! done”, and so now a few things are true:

1. i feel WAY less stressed about october 13

2. i will actually be able to run the whole race and not be miserable.

3. i will be in my hometown next weekend to run a 10k! my first 10k! that’s big.

i dragged my wheezy self on a short run this morning (i nearly died coughing, but i ran. slowly, steadily, i ran). i will go for a couple more runs this week to remind my body of what i can do. and next sunday, i’ll get up early, lace up my shoes, and join a lot of other runners to run further than i ever thought i could run. a year ago? ha. even six months ago, a 10k seems physically impossible.

it’s not the race i wanted to run. but it’s a race. and it’s an accomplishment. and i’ll find another half-marathon (or quit my job and go into the incredibly profitable business of coordinating races, because, seriously, they’re NOT CHEAP) to do later in the fall/winter, and i will run my first half. just not when i planned.

but. life is unplannable. not a word. whatever. things happen. my mental and physical well-being take priority over running 13.1 miles before i am ready. i am still a runner. just a runner and a teacher, and that means that my immune system is going to have plans that i am not always privy to until i wake up coughing.

also, i have to give a shout-out to my awesome dad, who has trained all summer for a marathon, got waylaid by an injury, and still plans to run a half in november. we krovetz runners are just not destined to run the 2013 races we planned on. 2014, dad. we’ll find a race to “run together” (in quotes because, um, i’ll meet you at the finish line. you’re WAY zippier than me).

so. running! it’s my jam, still. my therapy. and after my race, i’ll get a pedicure and eat my weight in delicious things.