Charlottesville Fall Classic 10k

you guys!

I ran a race! my longest one yet! it wasn’t the half-marathon I wanted to run, but 6.2 miles is nothing to sneeze at, if you chose to sneeze at things to show your displeasure, which I personally would find odd.

my best friend and my parents came to cheer me on (the manfriend was home with a wicked fever), and I had a good pace (10:33), putting my finish time at just past one hour. my ankle started aching at the halfway point, the race was basically all uphill (WHY), and I now have a random deep purple bruise on my thigh and I think I bruise after I run long distances, which is probably not normal. but I finished! I got a “good work on finishing” medal (my students thought that was cool, and will probably tell their parents I won the race, a lie I intend to allow to live), and my mom got some great photos of me in action.

it felt good to do something I never thought I could do. it made the half goal seem more exciting and attainable, though I may need to push it further because training in my first year of teaching is not easy.

as to the race and route, I liked the route (along the river, so it’s pretty), but it did feel like a race for profit and not for community. I like meeting people at races, and I didn’t really do that at this one – it’s a small race, but people also seemed focused on themselves and their headphones (I was one of a few who ran without), and the result was isolating. I love running because there’s this kind of insane community around it – if I’m on mile 6, and look like death, and I pass some lady flying by on her 6-minute pace, we smile at each other as if to say, “yep, we’re both bonkers”. I’ve had complete strangers pause in conversation at restaurants as I ran by to nod at me (the nod of The Crazy Runner Who Wishes They Were Running). so when I run a race, I want that community to be evident – that we are all up before the sun to run from nothing in particular, towards no particular place (beyond where we start), and in very expensive shoes.

so. I’m proud as f*ck that I did this! I’m going to actively seek out more community-oriented races, and also if there are typos, it’s because I’m on my iPad and occasionally go to delete something, hit “p”, and end up with things like “behiipppppppp”.