(taps mic) is this thing on?

true story: being a teacher is TERRIBLE for keeping up with one’s blog.

sorry i’ve vanished from the internet, y’all. between all of the germs (two colds in two weeks, just for kicks) and all of the emotions that come with teaching, i simply haven’t had the brainpower to write very much. or run, sadly. i’m getting back into running – though i did pinch SOMETHING in my back and it took a week to not hurt when i laughed, much less breathed. and i’m going to try to be more on the ball with writing, too, since, like running, writing is a good form of therapy for me.

let’s see. major updates. in list form. because that is easiest.

1. job things. y’all, teaching is ridiculous. my students have such tough things happening in their lives – things i can barely deal with as a grown-up – and those things spill into how they act in school, and it is draining to keep pushing them to meet the expectations i have for them when part of me just wants to snuggle them and let them be loved and be kids. and the pacing of what we teach! augh. it flies by. the first quarter just ended and i wish, so desperately, that we had more time for everything. i strongly feel that my kids would benefit from longer school days and a longer school year – though it might break their teacher.

2. life things. honestly? i have to force myself to be social and think about non-job stuff. it is not easy, which is just the stupidest thing. but if i get home at 5 or 5:30, that means i have been going for twelve straight hours, and it’s hard to find the energy needed to be around other grown-ups and not be all, “let me tell you a teacher story”. i also go to bed ludicrously early. so. we plan date nights, and go to events, and when i know we have something planned, i can prep my brain to be ready to go at the end of the workday. i hope next year is easier in this department.

3. …things that aren’t job or life related…hmmmm. i spent today grading papers and tweezing my eyebrows and was in my pajamas until 3, which was f*cking amazing. i folded laundry and did the dishes and took a scalding hot shower and picked a parent-teacher-conference-appropriate nail polish. sometimes, i just need a day of delicious silence, and that was my day today. i was a blob, i got little things done, and i feel gloriously revitalized.

so. readers! how you doing? what’s new? what should i be writing about? TELL ME.