listen up

as a teacher, i rarely say that, actually. i am more of the “make me your focus in 5…4…3…2…1,” followed by repeatedly asking one particular student or another to PUT DOWN THE FREAKING PENCIL and look at me.

ability to pay attention is a life skill, y’all.

but! this is not a post about teaching! this is a post about me listening to things. my drive to work is about 25 minutes, and going home it runs from 30 minutes to over an hour. and usually includes at least one WHAT ARE YOU THINKING moment with other drivers. yesterday it was a hyper-masculine douchenozzle in a silver mercedes who flipped out when i didn’t go through an intersection because, you see, the light was not green.

usually i listen to the radio – thanks to NPR, i discovered backseat book club and am obsessed with the third grader from DC who shares my name and had a deeply insightful question about Road Dahl (listen here). but the local DJs are, you know, annoying sometimes, and without fail, i hear Roar and Royals about six times each on my drive to work alone.

in a nod to my upcoming birthday, and the fact that i bought an NPR membership, it only makes sense that i get an audiobook subscription as well. i’ll be kicking off the “listen to people read to me” habit with Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World, but would LOVE reader suggestions. i would like to find some good ladies-of-substance biographies to listen to, and will listen to anything narrated by a British person. what would you recommend?

p.s. i just remembered that NPR owes me a travel mug for signing up during their pledge. i need to email them.