confessions of a grinch

first of all, i have started to have fantastic dreams about getting a full week off for thanksgiving, that rapidly turn into stress dreams when i realize that i don’t get a full week off, and still have to plan for monday, tuesday, and half of the wednesday before thanksgiving.

second of all, i’m stupid-excited for thanksgiving. i am solidly on the side of any holiday that encourages eating too much. and i’m a bit geeky over my “write thanksgiving skits” plan for my students (something i think i once roped my cousins into doing at thanksgiving…mom, am i making that up?). but honestly? work is exhausting, and i am really looking forward to a few days off for rebooting my brain and eating everything in sight.

when it comes to christmas cheer, though, it is hard for me to muster up any hint of it until after thanksgiving (and my birthday). i think a large part of my grinchitude comes from working in retail for three years – i listened to terrible covers of christmas songs from october through january, and gradually my heart shrank to a cold, sad little stone of christmas-induced rage.

it helped to have roommates who were WAY into the christmas season, though. i still won’t play christmas songs until december 1 (and then my two absolute favorites are All I Want For Christmas (Is You) and the classic Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer, a song that never fails to make me laugh). and i’m not crafty enough to come up with good holiday decorations. glittery pinecones sound awesome, but messy. wreaths require more skill than i have. those stupid sequined christmas trees are impossible to make unless you go buy them at target.

THAT BEING SAID. there is something about having our own place that has planted the faintest hint of holiday cheer in my frozen rock of a heart. possibly because, when i mentioned my hatred of pre-december christmassiness, my boyfriend immediately started playing Charlie Brown’s Christmas music. this year we’ll put up lights and a fake tree and one other thing that i will only post about if it works, because otherwise i’ll sound like a crazy woman. i might even get an advent calendar, because i love chocolate.

what about y’all? am i the only grinch out there? what decorations or traditions do you want to have in your homes?