student loans: the repayment begins

today (*yesterday) i took a big, grown-up step. i paid my first student loan repayment!

erm. 119 to go. they ain’t small. i mean. i feel REAL grown-up. i also feel REAL broke. and 119 is a LOT OF PAYMENTS TO GO.

only, less dancing.

only, less dancing.

i don’t even know. today a kid threw up with maybe 30 seconds until dismissal, two other kids basically got into a pissing match (i mean. not actually peeing. just being boys. and driving me insane), and one student broke his glasses and was very upset, so much so that i initially thought he had lost a limb during a dangerous game of tag. and then i come home – only NOT because, hello, DC traffic. long freaking drive home. basically. and i set some student reminder on my computer because adulthood, and it says “schedule student loan payment”, so i poured some wine and got to scheduling and now? now i feel like somehow, i’m paying off loans on a degree that has led to my job where i have to feign cool in the face of vomit.

sigh. only. okay. first, sorry that this entire blog post is missing complete sentences. second, i’m not really sorry. i am really tired. uh, where was i. i said “only”. i wonder what i intended to type next. OH. right. only, i’ve begun to realize that maybe i kind of love the insanity of my job. not the vomit. but i would be so, so bored if my job didn’t keep me on my toes, and there is nothing like working with kids to keep you en pointe. on pointe? on point. en point? dancer friends. help.

anyhoodle. thanks for stopping by this inane, rambling section of the internet. please grab a cookie on the way out and leave a dollar in the tip jar. the writer needs it.