rebooting (hold on, there’s a pun here!)

after a day in which i woke up to discover one of those terrible sub-surface Death Zits lurking on my face, my clothing all fit wrong, and my lunch was basically a bowl of sorrow (three mushroom soup, you LIE. and are gross), i needed a pick-me-up.

luckily for me, i did some black friday shopping online and bought two things that i love oh-so-much. they were WAY on sale. i am WAY thrilled about them? are you ready? get ready.

in front of our tiny christmas tree, because they're gifts. to me. from me.

in front of our tiny christmas tree, because they’re gifts. to me. from me.

here’s why i need these in my life. apparently, the old navy ankle boots that are EVERYWHERE are foot killers. and so these are higher-quality, lower price (well, with the sale price, they were lower price), plus they’re grey suede and i love them. and the brown boots! oh man. i can’t even. i had the perfect pair of brown boots for years, and they eventually bit the dust in an epic way (the zipper somehow unstitched itself from the leather and it was a hot mess and i kept them for ages, thinking i could fix them, and i couldn’t, and there is a valuable lesson in that, really. let go of things that are broken, children. but only after you hold onto them for too long and then feel actual emotion at chucking a pair of freaking boots). anyhow. i got new brown boots. sleeker. taller. newer. fabulous. i put them on and walked around my kitchen cooing at them because i’m a crazy lady. and then i ate a bowl of chocolate cereal, which i never do, so that tells you how my day felt.

i hope you get the pun. i’m going to curl up with netflix and try to forget the number of children who cried in my classroom today. at least no one vomited.