how to spend a snow day: teacher edition

monday was a snow day, and oh man, it was glorious. i slept in till just shy of 9 – save for one panic wake-up at 8 when i checked my phone to be sure i hadn’t hallucinated the day off. not gonna lie, y’all: i am fairly confident that teachers get more excited about snow days than kids do. i love my job – i just also love sleep. and not wearing real pants. plus, i’d already planned the majority of the week – losing monday just meant that i shifted everything forward. easy-peasy.

so, what to do with a whole day to myself?

i watched some of American Horror Story: Asylum, but learned quickly that binge-watching that show makes a person real jumpy, and so i had to stop. i then discovered that Top Chef is on Hulu, so watched a good chunk of season 10. i took breaks to do adult things, though. i knocked out the christmas shopping for my parents, cleaned off my car so it wouldn’t refreeze and break into tiny pieces (i have a vivid imagination), and put away dishes. i made myself a real lunch, which i was able to enjoy because i wasn’t rushing back to my classroom to eat an unrefrigerated sandwich in seven minutes flat. i also wrote this delightful piece after trying out a product that made me look like a psychotic killer. AND i finished my christmas cards. this big item on my list was made less awesome by the realization that i was out of stamps. so…your cards will arrive, family and friends, when i am back at work and can go to a reliable post office.

when i was a kid, snow days were all about hot cocoa, disney marathons, and playing in the snow until i could not feel my face. now that i’m an adult, it’s all about a delicate balance between Checking Things Off My To-Do List and Being as Lazy as Physically Possible. and it. is. amazing.

UPDATE: this is what’s happening today:


no school no school no schooooooool

no school no school no schooooooool