new year’s eve look

this will be a relatively low-key NYE for us – we have a couple shindigs to attend, but i’m not going all-out with an outfit (mostly because i really don’t want to deal with shaving my legs in order to wear a dress and then be cold all night). i’m wearing my cashmere-adjacent leggings with a tunic, some sparkly jewelry, and possibly even heels. my makeup look, however, i’m actually putting thought into (mostly so i can play with some new additions to my makeup collection).



i’ve been using the benefit hello flawless foundation this fall, and really like it – it’s lightweight, not cakey, and goes on pretty sheer (just enough coverage to hide any redness or unevenness in my complexion). i just got the primer to go underneath it (hello, birchbox points!) – from what i have read, the primer helps the foundation stay on, and gives you a smoother start – just like priming a wall before painting it, which is officially the least flattering analogy to a woman’s face.


to ring in 2014, i’m going with a bold red lip – the stila stay all day liquid lipstick is basically magic. and really intense, color-wise. the other product you see here is a lip scrub – link here – which i use before i put on lipstick to keep the lipstick from catching on rough spots.



with such a bold lip choice, i’m keeping it simple for the eyes – a deep brown eyeliner for a bit more definition, and mascara, and that’s it. possibly sparkly eye shadow at the last minute.



i’m still debating my nails, though. thoughts? my color palette, outfit-wise, is pretty neutral (if dark – navy leggings, dark grey tunic).

it should be a fun new year’s – saying farewell to what has been a stressful and eventful year (the first half of the year definitely took the cake for High-Stress Events, the second half was much better), and looking ahead to a year that promises more travel and fun. and tomorrow, expect to see a new look for the blog, as i start tinkering with how posts get filed away, and shift my focus to reflect my actual lifestyle. happy 2014, y’all!!