links for the weekend 1.4.14

welcome, first weekend of 2014! we’ve got movie plans, food plans, and hanging out with friends plans. and i personally need to sit my butt down and plan for the return to school on monday…eek. what about you? anything fun?


  • the ladies at The Beauty Department are pushing Proactiv+, which i know nothing about, but they make a solid point about washing your makeup off, which…i am not always on top of.
  • snowy days and ridiculously cold temps (they’re calling for a low of 5 on monday, which is not a real temperature) call for soup, like this one from spoon fork bacon.
  • or this soup, from how sweet it is, looks warm and spicy and garlicky.
  • if you’re looking for a great cookbook to add to your collection, a new one came into our apartment after christmas and we LOVE it. deliciousness abounds in Jerusalem.
  • i am not buying clothing this month, but if i were, this outfit (put together by old navy) is one i would be all over. i may put that together for a back-to-school look.