return to work: musings

a few friends have mentioned how much they enjoyed going back to work and a normal day-to-day routine after break.

i am trying to figure out if i am one of those people or not.

i should know, right?

except, i don’t think i should just automatically qualify for “excited about return to work” or “dreading return to work”. i’m in this weird space between the two, where i know that i love teaching, but my first year of teaching is REAL stressful, and i’m not exactly excited about going back to that part of the job.

so, this might be me tomorrow morning.

but i know that the week before break, one of my new-to-english students was happily chatting with me in english, and that made my heart hurt with happiness, and another of my students gave me a bear hug and told me she’d miss me over break (and i believe her), and those little things make me look forward to tomorrow.

i also haven’t planned a THING for this week. i know we’ll be doing a lot of refreshing on behavior (whee!), and division (PLEASE BRING ME DEATH), and my co-teacher has to be out for much of january, so i’ll be working with her on what i need to do to cover her lessons and keep the kids from completely backsliding. and we’re also sliding into the mad dash for the standardized tests in the spring.

i’m not really halfway done with my first year – we go september to june, so my halfway point really isn’t until the end of this month. but i feel pretty proud of myself for getting to winter break in one piece, and i can tell that i’ve learned a lot – and even have a list of “things to try out next year”. i won’t shake it up too much this second chunk of the year – but i feel a bit more confident in my teaching abilities, and definitely know that i can make it to june with most of my sanity intact.

so. i’m going to enjoy this last day of break – my to-do list involves coffee and quiche, planning, netflix, and not wearing any makeup. tomorrow i’ll get up early, layer up, and seize the day.