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hi, i’m tess. clearly.


i like large sunglasses and looking pensive in self-portraits

i’m a native virginian who lives in DC now, and i’m a third grade teacher in the area. i’m in my 20s (closer to 30 than 20), and a Very Important Life Lesson i’ve learned is that being a grown-up isn’t exactly what i thought it would be when i was in middle school.

i am not a marine biologist, for one. my hair did not magically develop waves, ever (i had high hopes). i am still freckly as all get out. no one told me how baffling it can be to find a doctor when you’re out of college. apparently, having fabulous shoes means spending money. as does having an apartment. or a car. also, for some reason, i never swept any member of a boy band off his feet, so a lot of my Life Plans sort of went off the path i planned at age 13.

of course, as determined by many a prosecco-fueled conversation, i’m not alone in this. if you’re here, you’re either (a) my parents (hey guys!), (b) a handful of real-life friends (y’all are the best), or (c) a random reader who is seeking confirmation that being a grown-up is not all that you expected (welcome to the club, friends).

i love to write. and i love to think about life things. and i also love trashy tv and cupcakes. so this blog is a place for me to talk and think out loud about those things (and many, many other topics). i am pushing myself to take positive risks (check out my to-do list), and a big piece of that involves pouring myself as honestly as possible into writing here.

you can join the conversation via comments (i clap with glee whenever i get one), follow me via wordpress or email or bloglovin’ (there’s a couple buttons over there on the right where you can sign up for emails or find me on bloglovin’), follow me on twitter, or just quietly read along and never announce yourself. ooh, you should follow me on instagram, too. that’s cool, too. occasional social anxiety means i totally dig your shy style.

i am probably 5 or 6 here, and inexplicably dressed up like a hipster.

i am probably 5 or 6 here, and inexplicably dressed up like a hipster.