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just call me sneezy

y’all. children are precious, wonderful beings. they are the future. i truly believe that. they’re also walking petri dishes, full of germs that my ancient immune system is not freaking used to. which… Continue reading

life in photos

of course i have no links, because i’m the worst. i’m sorry. i love you. have a cookie! there are no cookies. i really…i just…i’m terrible. instagram is all glitchy so here are… Continue reading

photos of my family

a few snapshots of my little family in charlottesville

flowers in the city {photos}

moving to DC, i had a few things that made me nervous: moving away from a town i’d never left (note: when i was really little, my family moved twice, but i have… Continue reading

blueberry peach cobbler {recipe}

goodness, this was delicious. last weekend, i stopped by the farmers’ market (which is just a few blocks down our street every Sunday), and picked up two containers of local peaches. they needed… Continue reading

the week in photos

travel day {have some photos}

i’m on the road most of today, heading up to northern virginia for orientation. i’m mildly peeved that my brilliant plan to knock out fingerprints and my ID badge was thwarted because i… Continue reading

smoothie find

post-vacation, i did a mini juice cleanse – it was going to be two-day thing, but then became a day-and-a-half because that’s just what happened. i also didn’t really do a true juice… Continue reading

memorial day {remember}

today i hold in the light the men and women who lost their lives protecting our country. to my friends, family, and readers who are remembering a loved one’s sacrifice today, i send… Continue reading

life in photos

taking a break from words, and just showing you life in photos recently.   most of my photos show up on my instagram feed, i try to upload them to flickr as well.