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on slowing down

i’m categorizing this as a running thing, but it applies to so many other parts of life that it could easily be anywhere on my blog. i have fallen off my running wagon,… Continue reading

Charlottesville Fall Classic 10k

you guys! I ran a race! my longest one yet! it wasn’t the half-marathon I wanted to run, but 6.2 miles is nothing to sneeze at, if you chose to sneeze at things… Continue reading

a big update on running

WELL. you want to train to run a half-marathon? pro-tip: don’t get sick two weekends in a row. I had exactly one week in the past three where i could breathe – and… Continue reading

running/a new year

i know. it’s not january. but this weekend felt like the start of a new year, a new thing, a new start. our january started with a breast cancer diagnosis. forgive me, but… Continue reading

running update: um, what was that??

last week, i fell off my training program a bit. life came up – my best friend’s wedding – and i made the decision to put my energy on her and her now-husband… Continue reading

running gadget review: garmin forerunner 10

i mentioned a while back that i use the Garmin Forerunner 10 as my GPS gadget of choice for runs. i’ve been using it long enough now that i have opinions, and i… Continue reading

speedwork and a new half {running}

we are in the midst of some kind of bewitching weather event – yesterday and today, the skies have been clear, the air light and not humid, and the temperatures hovered around 70… Continue reading

half-marathon training: a major update

minor complaint: runkeeper CONSTANTLY shaves a few seconds off my times or a few hundredths of a mile off my distance when i import from garmin. if there is a brilliant fix to… Continue reading

running in the heat {training}

this morning, i set my alarm for 6, and it woke me up at 5:30 (i use sleep cycle, which claims to note when you’re most awake in your sleep cycle, and wakes… Continue reading

half-marathon check-in {week 13}

yeah, i’ve been TERRIBLE about talking about my half-marathon here. in real life, i talk about it a lot, but here? apparently not. so, a quick update! i’m in week 13 of training,… Continue reading