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the bachelor: episode 1

OH MAN. thanks to frigid temperatures, i don’t have work today, so i’ll be able to watch The Bachelor’s monday night premiere AND post my brilliant thoughts on it. i know i said… Continue reading

bachelor: countdown to Juan Pablo

first, major thanks to Kyle for the access to ABC – i would not be able to watch this ridiculousness without your help! also, it took a few moments for the countdown pun… Continue reading

bachelor preview

the most important night of my life fast approaches. the bachelor premieres. with Juan Pablo. and if you don’t say his name out loud with gusto, i hate you instantly. Juan Pablo Galavis.… Continue reading

don’t trust the b – review

since moving in together, we’ve discovered the distinct joy of watching tv shows together – Sleepy Hollow, The Blacklist, and Almost Human are on the current Hulu rotation. we also watched Don’t Trust… Continue reading

bachelorette, season 9: season finale part 2

i stepped away from the internets last night and so have no idea what happened on last night’s season finale PART TWO of my all-time favorite stupid show. will Brooks come back? will… Continue reading

bachelorette, season 9: finale part one

it is always promising (for the viewer) when the finale of any show has two parts. disclaimer: i follow some very funny people on twitter and they spoiled this episode for me and… Continue reading

virgin viewing: lost, season 1, episode 4

right off the bat, i think i’ll like this episode, because (a) the title is “walkabout” and (b) we start with this shot, of Locke, right after the crash, prone, dazed, and presumably… Continue reading

summer tv choices

at the request of a friend, who is, i think, amused by the amount of nonsense i watch online, here is my summer viewing list (mostly through Hulu) – The Bridge: oh my… Continue reading

bachelorette: week 8 {recap/ridiculous}

hometown visits! i am SO excited for these. if you’re new to the show, in this pivotal week, Des goes to visit each of her remaining men in their hometowns – usually meeting… Continue reading

virgin viewing: lost, season 1, episode 3

this episode is called Tabula Rasa, so i assume someone has a slate that is getting cleaned. or something like that. i’m watching this while soaking my feet in hot water because y’all,… Continue reading