on slowing down

i’m categorizing this as a running thing, but it applies to so many other parts of life that it could easily be anywhere on my blog. i have fallen off my running wagon,… Continue reading

(taps mic) is this thing on?

true story: being a teacher is TERRIBLE for keeping up with one’s blog. sorry i’ve vanished from the internet, y’all. between all of the germs (two colds in two weeks, just for kicks)… Continue reading

Charlottesville Fall Classic 10k

you guys! I ran a race! my longest one yet! it wasn’t the half-marathon I wanted to run, but 6.2 miles is nothing to sneeze at, if you chose to sneeze at things… Continue reading

a big update on running

WELL. you want to train to run a half-marathon? pro-tip: don’t get sick two weekends in a row. I had exactly one week in the past three where i could breathe – and… Continue reading

teaching hazard number 1: immune system under attack

oh. my. god. two weeks ago, i was mowed down by a wicked head cold. i was sneezy, sniffly, mild fevery, and miserable. i doped myself heavily with dayquil, drank all of the… Continue reading

after a tough day

yesterday was a beast. I don’t really have more to say than that. the day ended and I basically collapsed on a desk and was all WHAT WAS THAT and the universe responded… Continue reading

a love note to my city

yesterday’s violence at navy yard was not near where i live. nor where i work. it had no discernible effect on my day – my drive home was uneventful, i saw no roadblocks… Continue reading

just call me sneezy

y’all. children are precious, wonderful beings. they are the future. i truly believe that. they’re also walking petri dishes, full of germs that my ancient immune system is not freaking used to. which… Continue reading

on fear, among other things

i just read a post about “burning through fear” and holy crap, y’all. i talked back to my computer like it might be able to respond. i said “yes” and nodded vigorously and all… Continue reading

weekend love

it’s monday. i don’t think i’ve ever truly appreciated weekends until now. i slept in. we ate a lot. we saw friends. we trekked around a street fair. this morning i realized how… Continue reading