oh, there it is…

the caffeine headache keep the lights off, and don’t make any loud noises, loves, my head is going to explode. there will be a post later today about my favorite trashy tv show,… Continue reading

front porch musings

actually, a better title for this post is “i got home and talked to the dog for a while before sitting on the porch and HI my life is not that thrilling, apparently”,… Continue reading

life without coffee

i had this thrilling moment of pride when i was like “dude, i haven’t had coffee since monday and i’m just a little sleepy, no headache, have yet to bite off any heads…i’m… Continue reading

in which i got a present in the mail, and felt better

a story, in two images a pink book? and what is, i promise, a quizzical face, not just me looking sad NO! it is my new kindle! i travel for work, so this… Continue reading

a window into my morning

brought to you by an email conversation started by the fabulous h keep in mind it isn’t quite 10 am my time. h: i need a day off t: i need a drink,… Continue reading

early morning thoughts

1. am giving up coffee for a while, mostly because i’m bored, and it’s this or a face tattoo. also, i’ve become scarily dependent on it, so i want to undo that. so.… Continue reading

exciting news

if you follow me on twitter or are a friend on the book of faces, you know this already. but. it is worth repeating, with many exclamation points…. i got into my top… Continue reading

shoe of the day

pretty much anyone who knows me will confirm that i have more shoes than any woman ought to well, let’s put that problem to good use! presenting…shoe of the day! really, just a… Continue reading

off the map: i’m home

(uh, “i’m home” is the episode title, in case you’re wondering if i’ve had a total mental snapĀ andĀ feel comforted only by the presence of this show) little backstory here: Red has chagas disease,… Continue reading

off the map: everyone on this show needs to get laid

before i dive into the gloriousness of last night’s episode, let me do a quick intro to each character. and the show. also, this is not my review post, actually, because i love… Continue reading