a quick note to say hello!

that’s what stuck in my head this morning. you’re WELCOME. this music video is…it just is. i wanted to let y’all know that teaching has yet to destroy me, but i am VERY… Continue reading

running/a new year

i know. it’s not january. but this weekend felt like the start of a new year, a new thing, a new start. our january started with a breast cancer diagnosis. forgive me, but… Continue reading

checking in on the stress

this week has been stressful, and i am certain that i’ll have a serious meltdown at some point in my first year of teaching – it’s a given, and i’m aware that everyone… Continue reading

humans can be amazing, and a BIG thank you

yesterday evening, driven by sheer panic over not having enough high-quality books for my classroom, I set up a project on DonorsChoose – a charity that lets teachers create projects that will help… Continue reading

life in photos

of course i have no links, because i’m the worst. i’m sorry. i love you. have a cookie! there are no cookies. i really…i just…i’m terrible. instagram is all glitchy so here are… Continue reading

a few (sleepy) thoughts on teaching

i have wrapped up five straight days of new teacher orientation. let me sum up the general schedule for each day: – NETWORKING. if i never hear this word again, it will be… Continue reading

running update: um, what was that??

last week, i fell off my training program a bit. life came up – my best friend’s wedding – and i made the decision to put my energy on her and her now-husband… Continue reading

back to life

i mean, this is basically a way-too-early-in-the-morning blog post (it was 5:40 when i started) – and so i beg forgiveness for anything that makes no sense. i’ve got to roll out of… Continue reading

photos of my family

a few snapshots of my little family in charlottesville

happy birthday to the best mom

(that’s my mom, by the way. your mom is probably very nice, but mine is the actual best)   here’s a list of some of the things i have learned from her 1.… Continue reading