link happy {week of august 5}

what is farro? i want to try this and find out. i went from finding her irritating to absolutely loving zooey deschanel, and it’s because she says things like this that i love… Continue reading

on the things that scare me

i mean, there are certain things that freak me out because they just spark some cavelady primal rage-fear. snakes? the silverfish that live in the walls and skitter across the living room carpet… Continue reading

miscellaneous thoughts this morning

1. to the person or persons who found my blog by searching “how to prevent my tight running shorts from giving me camel toe”, i have such bad news for you. first, i… Continue reading

bachelorette, season 9: season finale part 2

i stepped away from the internets last night and so have no idea what happened on last night’s season finale PART TWO of my all-time favorite stupid show. will Brooks come back? will… Continue reading

video making me laugh

i have an unabashed love for bands made up of bearded hipsters. mumford & sons is no exception. my love for them was reaffirmed upon seeing that they made a music video making… Continue reading

link happy {week of july 29}

good morning, y’all! i am a combination of struggle because i was up till 1 am last night and that is so too late for me, and struggle because i bruised the ball of… Continue reading

running gadget review: garmin forerunner 10

i mentioned a while back that i use the Garmin Forerunner 10 as my GPS gadget of choice for runs. i’ve been using it long enough now that i have opinions, and i… Continue reading

on time, and things i have learned this year

how on earth is it the beginning of august already? and why is it that we humans get so caught up in the “but i swear it was just the new year” feeling every… Continue reading

on the end of summer

somehow, tomorrow is August, which is weird. August means my mom’s birthday, my best friend’s wedding, and the start of school things for me. we’ve been having this super-pretty weather, reminiscent of early… Continue reading

bachelorette, season 9: finale part one

it is always promising (for the viewer) when the finale of any show has two parts. disclaimer: i follow some very funny people on twitter and they spoiled this episode for me and… Continue reading