the to-do list

there is a TED talk about 30 not being the new 20, and as i am closer to 30 than 20, i want to make a list in honor of the ideas presented in that talk. her basic idea is that our brains, in our 20s, are still developing – and that we need to “claim our 20s” in order to take advantage of how our brains (and bodies) are developing. now is the time to change whatever you want to change.

this is not to say that once i turn 30, i’ll stop trying to do new stuff. but now is the time for mindful risk-taking – risks that push me beyond my comfort zone in a way that will hopefully lead to positive changes.

so i’m inspired. i’m making myself a to-do list to help me take some good risks. the list is ever-growing – and i’m organizing it into food, travel, health, life, and miscellany.


1. try escargot

2. learn to enjoy eggplant


1. go back to france

2. visit the virgin islands

3. go to san diego: May 31-June 3, 2013 (a wedding and mini-vacation)

4. go to portland, maine

5. go to san francisco

6. go to italy

7. go to london


1. run a 10k (c’vilel fall classic)

2. run a half-marathon

3. run a Color Run

4. take bikram yoga

5. sign up for a weekly yoga class

6. run a race that ends in a vineyard

7. run a 10-miler


1. pay off my credit card

2. complete a sugar detox – june 2013


1. hot air balloon ride

2. tour the white house