a few blog updates

just a few quick notes about how things have changed/will change/may change if it’s not too awful around here!

i’ve organized many of my posts into categories – running, tv (where you’ll find any and all bachelor posts), beauty & style, adulthood (my catch-all for random thoughts and longer posts), and photos & food.

television, running and adulthood are pretty obvious categories. with beauty & style, i hope to do more posts on teacher style, looks i like, and clothing i’m dying to add to my closet. i’ll also talk a bit more about daily beauty routines, my birchbox goodies, and perhaps even do a video tutorial on my mad nail skills. photos & food is where i’ll capture what i’m doing more of in the kitchen (one of my overall goals for this year is to bake more), and share more photo-life-updates that don’t make it to instagram.

i’m also going to be experimenting in the coming weeks with exporting my blog to tumblr and various other places – trying to figure out ways to claim the blog name as my own, and have more control over it in the long run. i do not believe that this blog will ever lead to ads or sponsored posts or actual money, so i’m not going to allow myself to daydream about that and spend lots of money on the blog. the life of tess is going to be where i present myself to the world, but i don’t have the time or energy to do the work necessary to make the world pay up for being exposed to my awesomeness. this is my escape, my place to write and think, to talk about the fluffy and wonderful things that i love, and i don’t need it to be much more.

anyhow! i am off to work (hey there, post scheduling – i’m writing this well before it goes up!), and will be back tomorrow with bachelor preview thoughts and maybe some teacher style things? we’ll see!