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new year’s eve look

this will be a relatively low-key NYE for us – we have a couple shindigs to attend, but i’m not going all-out with an outfit (mostly because i really don’t want to deal… Continue reading

“i feel like a serial killer” – product reviews gone wrong

over the summer, i signed up for influenster, a company that sends out free samples to members. i got free cheese (yay!) in one VoxBox, and the latest one (the Violet VoxBox) included… Continue reading

rebooting (hold on, there’s a pun here!)

after a day in which i woke up to discover one of those terrible sub-surface Death Zits lurking on my face, my clothing all fit wrong, and my lunch was basically a bowl… Continue reading

sephora nail polish

recently, in a fit of insanity, i created an excel document tracking my nail polishes – brand, name, and the exact color. because i am not mentally stable. and also, you guys, it’s… Continue reading

sock bun!!

one of my co-workers has the most gorgeous hair ever, and had it up in this big, sleek bun the other day. i asked her how on earth she pulled it off –… Continue reading

birchbox – july

my treat to myself upon moving to DC was to sign up for Birchbox¬†– a monthly subscription service for people with a beauty product addiction. each month, you get a box of high-quality… Continue reading

beach hair in a bottle?

i recently need some new mascara, so ordered via Sephora, where i got to choose three free samples (which is basically why i prefer to order make-up online – i can get freebies… Continue reading

confronting my make-up problem

hello, my name is tess, and i’m (apparently) unable to walk past the cosmetics aisle of any store without purchasing any random item i find on sale. hi, tess. the first step is… Continue reading

searching for the right shade of coral

yes, there are shades of coral. it’s a real thing. shush. my friend MM asked me if i had a favorite shade of coral nail polish. i don’t. i have two coral lipsticks… Continue reading

pantene bb cream for hair {product love}

a year ago, zooey deschanel drove me up a wall. then i read the glamour interview with her, and begrudgingly acknowledged that i might think she’s awesome. after watching all of season one… Continue reading