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a few blog updates

just a few quick notes about how things have changed/will change/may change if it’s not too awful around here! i’ve organized many of my posts into categories – running, tv (where you’ll find… Continue reading

return to work: musings

a few friends have mentioned how much they enjoyed going back to work and a normal day-to-day routine after break. i am trying to figure out if i am one of those people… Continue reading

cookies and stress and how i just realized what is missing from my life

okay. i’m sorry. i’m not, actually. this is a post about Things Regarding the New Year. and such. everyone’s doing it, so here’s me. writing this post. this year had so many changes.… Continue reading

how to spend a snow day: teacher edition

monday was a snow day, and oh man, it was glorious. i slept in till just shy of 9 – save for one panic wake-up at 8 when i checked my phone to… Continue reading

the grinch is gone: on christmas, and what it means to me

back in november, i wrote about being a grinch – but the dirty truth of it is, once december hits, i load my phone up with christmas music and fake-direct orchestras in christmas tunes… Continue reading

rebooting (hold on, there’s a pun here!)

after a day in which i woke up to discover one of those terrible sub-surface Death Zits lurking on my face, my clothing all fit wrong, and my lunch was basically a bowl… Continue reading

teaching kids to write

there are plenty of things about my job that drive me insane because i have no control over them. this post is more about a thing that is driving me insane because i… Continue reading

student loans: the repayment begins

today (*yesterday) i took a big, grown-up step. i paid my first student loan repayment! erm. 119 to go. they ain’t small. i mean. i feel REAL grown-up. i also feel REAL broke.… Continue reading

confessions of a grinch

first of all, i have started to have fantastic dreams about getting a full week off for thanksgiving, that rapidly turn into stress dreams when i realize that i don’t get a full… Continue reading

listen up

as a teacher, i rarely say that, actually. i am more of the “make me your focus in 5…4…3…2…1,” followed by repeatedly asking one particular student or another to PUT DOWN THE FREAKING… Continue reading