farewell, old blog: update your URLs, y’all

okay! after a day of tinkering, i have officially made the switch to a new blog home! you can find the new blog, which is quite the same as this one, but better,… Continue reading

the bachelor: episode 1

OH MAN. thanks to frigid temperatures, i don’t have work today, so i’ll be able to watch The Bachelor’s monday night premiere AND post my brilliant thoughts on it. i know i said… Continue reading

bachelor: countdown to Juan Pablo

first, major thanks to Kyle for the access to ABC – i would not be able to watch this ridiculousness without your help! also, it took a few moments for the countdown pun… Continue reading

a few blog updates

just a few quick notes about how things have changed/will change/may change if it’s not too awful around here! i’ve organized many of my posts into categories – running, tv (where you’ll find… Continue reading

return to work: musings

a few friends have mentioned how much they enjoyed going back to work and a normal day-to-day routine after break. i am trying to figure out if i am one of those people… Continue reading

links for the weekend 1.4.14

welcome, first weekend of 2014! we’ve got movie plans, food plans, and hanging out with friends plans. and i personally need to sit my butt down and plan for the return to school… Continue reading

bachelor preview

the most important night of my life fast approaches. the bachelor premieres. with Juan Pablo. and if you don’t say his name out loud with gusto, i hate you instantly. Juan Pablo Galavis.… Continue reading

don’t trust the b – review

since moving in together, we’ve discovered the distinct joy of watching tv shows together – Sleepy Hollow, The Blacklist, and Almost Human are on the current Hulu rotation. we also watched Don’t Trust… Continue reading

new year’s eve look

this will be a relatively low-key NYE for us – we have a couple shindigs to attend, but i’m not going all-out with an outfit (mostly because i really don’t want to deal… Continue reading

cookies and stress and how i just realized what is missing from my life

okay. i’m sorry. i’m not, actually. this is a post about Things Regarding the New Year. and such. everyone’s doing it, so here’s me. writing this post. this year had so many changes.… Continue reading